Washington’s cherry blossoms bring out the crowds

MLKWe started the second day of the Washington Cherry Blossom Photography Workshop before sunrise and didn’t stop until the sun went down. The blossoms are at their peak and couldn’t be prettier. There are tons of people here to prove it, I was stunned how many people were out before sunrise and the whole town got busier as the day got longer.

We shot a lot of scenes around the Tidal Basin and then walked a long way. We had a fun lunch at the National Press Club where there are great photos hanging on the wall. We went over to Union Station and did some architecture photos and planned on photographing around a park by the Capitol. But someone decided to shoot himself with a gun and the area was locked down, so we skipped that and headed back to the MLK Memorial. It is the first time I’ve shot there and it is a very cool memorial. Once again it made me think about our past and how life keeps getting better.

The day was long and our group was a lot of fun to be around. Sunrise is going to come way too early tomorrow.

Washington Reflection

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