Welcome to Guatemala

Vista Real HotelI arrived in Guatemala City today for my five-day Guatemala Photo Workshop. I was met at the airport by my friend and our host for the week Edgar Monzon. Edgar has an incredible itinerary planned for us and it will be an exciting week.

Almost as soon as we got in his car he started telling about a processional in a small town about 90 minutes away that happens tomorrow morning. He didn’t plan on us going since the workshop starts in the afternoon and we need to pick people up at the airport, but it sounds like an exciting event. The problem is we need to be there by 6 a.m. or we won’t be able to get into town because of the massive crowd.

We are staying at the fabulous Hotel Vista Real in Guatemala City. It is one of the nicest hotels I’ve stayed in and it is less than $100 per night. It is worth the flight to Guatemala for a long weekend just to hang out at the hotel.

But Edgar has a condo in the town next to the processional and staying there will let us sleep almost two hours later. Since this is the first night of the trip, it made sense to leave the hotel and stay at Edgar’s place, which is very nice also.

So tomorrow we are up early and heading into the crowds for some fabulous photos.

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