Whale of a sunrise in British Columbia

bc-1060This morning I got up very early since I was still on east coast time. I went down to the beach on Cortes Island in British Columbia well before the sun came up, light was just starting to fill the sky. There were a few clouds to the east and as the sun got closer to coming over the horizon, the clouds caught the sunlight and created spectacular colors. It started with blue and went to red, the pink and finally yellow.

bc-1142Sunrises don’t get better than this, the distant mountains were outlined, the color was special, the bay provided the base and loons, gulls and an occasional seal slapping the water all came together to provide a unique experience.

Later as I was getting ready to take a shower in their fun outdoor shower, I heard a strange blowing noise. Even though I had never heard a whale before, it sure sounded like one to me. I ran back in the house, told my sister what I heard, put on some clothes, grabbed the camera and headed down the hill to the beach. Swimming past were a pod of five Orca whales, their backs bending as they came out of the water and a plume of water flowing into the air. By he time I got set up with my telephoto lens they were pretty far away, but it was exciting to see and hear them swim past.

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