What’s good: 25 years since the end of the aluminum TV dinner tray

Close-up photo of an aluminum TV dinner tray.

I don’t have many prized possessions. I have a lot of possessions, just not many of them are prized. When I worked at the newspaper in Marietta, Ohio, in 1985, the Swanson company sent one of those goofy promotional items that companies send out for publicity. It was an aluminum TV dinner tray in a frame. It had a little card that explained the lifetime of aluminum trays. It was like it belonged on a museum. The microwave oven had eliminated the aluminum because of all the sparks. I learned that one quick.

The aluminum TV tray that hangs in my basement office.

So there it was. A framed TV dinner tray. How cool. I grabbed it and it has been hanging on a wall wherever I have resided ever since. Of course, it doesn’t hang in my living room. It is on the wall in my basement office and attracts questions when friends first see it.

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