What’s good: Back to NJ and nature

A box turtle behind my house in Somerville, NJ

I walked out the door this morning to go work feeling fairly blue about not being in Vermont and out amongst nature. I opened the garage door and looked down the alley behind our house. There was a bump on the asphalt that looked a lot like a turtle. It is about two blocks to a little creek, so it was pretty strange to see a decent size box turtle crawling around. Of course, I went over to say hi and welcome him to the neighborhood. We had a little portrait session and then I picked him up and took him across the street near the brook. His belly was scratched from crawling on the pavement but he looked to be in good condition. After I was sure he wouldn’t have to cross the street again, it hit me how diverse New Jersey is and even though there are more people per square mile than any other state, there also seems to be more wildlife.

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