What’s good: Enjoying open space in NJ

A hummingbird in Far Hills, NJ

Years ago somebody in New Jersey government realized that the open space in the state was getting sparse. So they created a special tax, bought land and call it Green Acres. The cool thing about Green Acres is that it is now public land and anyone can go there but most people don’t know it. About 15 years ago I found a Green Acres site of 170 acres that is home to Upper Raritan Watershed Association. They keep the former farm in great shape, keeping paths mowed and meadows clear. I did a lot of photography there and saw lots of wildlife. There are lots of deer, birds, fox and even a bobcat one February morning.

An Eastern tiger swallowtail butterfly sucks nectar from a flower.

So today when I went there I went to a nice flower garden they have created. It is designed to attract butterflies and hummingbirds. There were lots of butterflies, at least four different kinds. I took the normal pretty butterfly photos but then tried getting in real close with the macro lens to see what would happen. An Eastern tiger swallowtail landed on a flower and started sucking nectar.

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