What’s good: Finding beauty in Newark

A church door in Newark.

I was on journalism career day panel today for students at Rutgers in Newark. Newark is one of my least favorite places, it is run down, grimy and overall ugly. But there is some amazing architecture. I drove past a stunning building with delicate, detailed scrolling along the roof. It looked like it hadn’t been occupied for 20 years and had a “For Sale” in front. I thought about how cool it would be to buy the place cheap and fix it up. It would be spectacular. Then I looked at the rest of the neighborhood. Too bad I can’t move it to Somerville.

On my way home I drove past St. Ames Church with a bright red door. It glowed brilliantly as the sun washed across the red paint. It amazes me how the more I look for something good, the more I see.

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