What’s good: Hiking through the Sourland Mountains with Robin

Robin poses on a boulder in the Sourland Mountains.

We going trying to meet my old friends Lori and Art Smith in New York today, but we couldn’t make the schedules work. So instead, Robin and I went for a good hike in the Sourland Mountains, about 10 miles from our house.

Loren and Robin at the Sourland Mountains.

The Sourlands have some unusual geology, including huge boulders that aren’t found any where else around here. There is a boulder river that is really unique. I’ve been there many times but I still haven’t made a photo of the river that does it justice. We didn’t hike over to the boulder river today, just to the top of the hill where some really large rocks are exposed. We were hot and sweaty, but it was a good hike and another reminder of how I be 35 miles from NYC yet escape to a place like the Sourlands.

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