What’s good: Reflections in The Great Swamp

A Canada goose preens in the Great Swamp

I made a quick trip to The Great Swamp late this afternoon. The Great Swamp is about 15 north of my house. It is a 3,000 acres National Wildlife Refuge that was created in the early ’60s when they wanted to build a huge airport and the locals got creative and created a wildlife refuge so they couldn’t pave it. Instead the put in a few boardwalks and some trails.

It isn’t the prettiest place, it is a swamp and it looks it. I’ve spent a lot of time there and know it pretty well.

I went to a boardwalk that goes out to a blind where you can observe wildlife without disturbing the critters. I’ve never seen anything good from the blind but the boardwalk usually provides something interesting.

As the sun was getting low today,  a Canada goose was sitting on a clump of grass. There was a nice reflection in the water as the goose pruned itself.

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