What’s good: Seeing a bear just down the street

A black bear plays in a Somerville, NJ tree.

Thursday I was joking after photographing a turtle in my back yard about all the “wildlife” around here.

A black bear poses for a photo while hanging out in Somerville.

Today, it was real wildlife as a young, 150 pound black bear was in a tree seven blocks from my house. Bears wandering through the area isn’t uncommon but they don’t come to Somerville very often. This guy had been seen in the area the last couple of days. He had been captured in Parsippany last week and released in a state forest near Chester earlier this week. He made the 20-mile trek to Somerville during the week. The bear climbed down from the tree after a couple of hours and was shot with a tranquilizer gun by state wildlife officials. They put him in the bear jail and took him away, hopefully this time farther away from towns.

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