What’s good: Taking the time to get out and find the beauty.

Virginia Bluebells carpet the ground at Duke Island Park in Bridgewater, NJ.

It was a cold, cloudy afternoon, not a very pleasant day outside. I decided to head to Duke Island Park in Bridgewater, it is a nice county park about five miles from my house. The park has a small pond where I have photographed a heron many times and I thought it would be fun to see if it was around yet. The pond is close to the park road, so I could see from my Jeep the heron wasn’t there. I drove through the park a couple of times but didn’t see anything that made me want to get out of the warm vehicle.

I left the park and headed toward another park when it hit me that I saw a tweet from Walter Choroszewski earlier this week that the Virginia Bluebells were out in full force. Walter is a great photographer who has done at least 17 photo books. You can see his gallery of the bluebells here. Walter and I are going on a photo adventure to Alaska this summer.

So I headed back to the park and took the time to get out of the car this time. About 200 yards from the parking there they were. Thousands of small, blue flowers carpeting the floor of the woods. It is a spectacular sight. And I nearly missed it because I didn’t make the effort to simply get out of the car and look around. I felt much better enjoying the beauty of the flowers and being a little chilly than driving around in a warm car. Lesson learned: take time to get out and smell the bluebells.

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