What’s good: Thank a veteran

A veteran stands at attention at the Woodstock, Vermont, war memorial.

I strolled down to the Woodstock, Vermont, Memorial Day parade this morning. As I headed out, our neighbor Ducky saw me and decided to walk with me. I lost her in the crowd later as I shooting pictures. For some reason, the parade was on Saturday. I know they didn’t start it on Saturday thinking it might last until Monday. Woodstock is a small town and this is a classic small town parade. It started with a dozen or so veterans, the color guard, a wagon with older vets being pulled by two draft horses, six brownie scouts, seven cub scouts, a young drum corps, a dozen men in Revolutionary War garb and the town’s two fire trucks. It didn’t take the parade long to get through town but people lined the streets, clapped for each group and the men took off their hats each time the American flag passed.

A Woodstock, Vermont, priest honors veterans.

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