What’s good: Watching a friend in the Olympics

Charles Morgan is ready for another race at the Special Olympics.

If you haven’t met Charles Morgan, you’re missing out on a great friend. Once Charlie knows you for 30 seconds, you’re his friend forever. Charles first came into my life nearly 20 years ago when he was the coverboy of the Courier News’ first Wish Book, a project I got going to raise money for less fortunate folks who have a need. My wife Robin wrote the story on Charlie. At that time he lived 20 miles away but he soon moved to Bridgewater and our phone hasn’t stopped ringing since. He has become part of the family, joining us for most holiday and birthday celebrations.

Today was the local Special Olympics and Charlie is a regular participant. He blazed down the track in his motorized wheelchair and got third in his obstacle course race. Charlie has a case full of medals from the Olympics and now he has more to add.

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