What’s good: Watching president Obama go by

President Obama's motorcade rolls into an Edison, NJ sub shop.

President Obama visited a sub shop in Edison, NJ, today, which is four miles from my office. The access was the worst I’ve ever seen for a presidential visit. I’ve photographed every president since Carter and it gets harder with each one. For Carter, I heard he was going to be at an event and I just showed up and showed my press credentials and got in. He was 100 miles from my newspaper’s coverage area and the paper didn’t want any photos but I was in the area and thought I’d stop by. This time our newspaper had the only local photographer in the pool and everyone else was pushed a block away. I did live blogging of the scene and snapped some shots when the motorcade pulled up. They whisked the prez into the back of the sub shop so he wouldn’t be seen by anyone. It is too bad that people can no longer see their president except on The View.

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