What’s good: Why did the deer cross the creek?

A deer crosses a creek in Bedminster, NJ

I was out on a 39-mile bicycle ride today getting for the two-day 170 MS fundraiser in two weeks. I still need help with the money, please donate something. We were zipping along Burnt Mills Road in Bedminster and as we crossed a creek, I saw a deer walking through the water.

In the 90’s, I spent about a year learning the habits of white tail deer so I could make great pictures of them. When conditions were right, I could sneak up on to a deer to the point that I was too close for my telephoto lens to focus. Deer always take the path of least resistance and they don’t drink much water, they get most of their fluids from eating vegetation. So seeing a deer walking through water isn’t too common.

So when I saw this deer, I pointed it out to Kathy Johnson and yelled that I was stopping for a photo. By the time I got off the bike and ran back to the bridge, I couldn’t see the deer. Then it walked back across because the far side was running to fast to cross.

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