When it is raining, look for cover

Rain falls on Lincoln Bridge in Woodstock, Vermont

It rained all day in Vermont, which isn’t doing anything good for the foliage. There was plenty of wind to go with the rain so it will be interesting to see how the remaining leaves fared. There is always something to do here in Woodstock, and I went to two of the three covered bridges in town. Lincoln Bridge was built in 1877 and restored in 1988 to the dismay of the town’s people and historian. They put a bright green fiberglass roof on the old structure and people went nuts. It is ugly in a town that doesn’t like anything that isn’t historic looking.

A tourist with an umbrella walks through Middle Bridge, a covered bridge in Woodstock, Vermont. (Loren Fisher/LorenPhotos.com)

A tourist with an umbrella walks through Middle Bridge, a covered bridge in Woodstock. Vermont.

When an old bridge in the middle of the village needed replacing in the late 1960’s, the town fought hard to have an authentic wooden covered bridge built. They had to get special permission from the state and go through lots of hoops. But it is a good looking bridge and it is probably the most photographed bridge in the state. I stood in the rain for over 30 minutes to get a shot I’ve been wanting of a person with an umbrella in the bridge. It was fun to stand there watching all the people photograph the bridge. There had to be 50 people taking a shot while I was there. The most entertaining was a tour bus that pulled up and 20 gray-haired people hopped off and started clicking at everything in sight. They snapped away and got right back on the bus. It was gone within five minutes.

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