Create your own photo website workshop

Create and manage your own photography website using WordPress.

One of the great quandaries of photographers is what to do with your photos. Publishing books or having major gallery shows are great, but they are expensive and not many photographers get the opportunity. Publishing your photos online is a great way to share your work, whether it is for friends, coworkers, family or just to boost your ego. And the best way to feature your work is to have your own website, like LorenPhotos.com.

Professional photographer Loren Fisher has been creating websites since the late 1990’s and has built or designed over 55 sites, many of them for photographers and photo organizations and has taught dozens of others how to create their own sites. At first building a site was a technical nightmare but now it is pretty easy to create your own custom look.

You don’t need to know much more than how to turn on your computer, Loren will explain to you in layman’s terms everything you need to know to start your own site using WordPress to manage your content and design. WordPress started as a blogging software and has become the most popular way to build a website because of its flexibility and ease of use without needed to know any coding. Loren uses WordPress exclusively for all the sites he now creates since WordPress has eliminated the need for having strong technical skills. Even if you don’t have a clue about the Internet, you will actually build a site during the workshop and it will be running when we are done. As part of courses he teaches at Rutgers University, Loren has students create their own WordPress sites each semester and they do it in one class period.

Loren will share with you best practices for creating your site, choosing and customizing a design, creating pages, creating a blog and creating photo galleries. You will learn about the best ways to get your site found on Google, how to promote your site, using analytics to analyze your site’s traffic and the power of linking to other sites.

During the first class you will register your domain name if you don’t have one (ie: www.LorenPhotos.com) which will cost you about $13 per year. Loren will recommend companies to host your site for about $6 per month and we’ll get you set up and running that first night. So it will cost you only about $85 a year to keep the site running.

The course will be three consecutive Thursday nights from 7:00 to 9:00 p.m. You can either come to Loren’s Education Center in Somerville or participate live online from wherever you are.  You will need to have a laptop computer with you if you are attending in person. You will be working on your site during the class sessions and will have some small homework assignments.

Jan. 11, 18 & 25 from 7 p.m. to 9 p.m.

Limited to 12 participants

$229 registration
$209 early registration by Dec. 15
$189 for previous clients and Premium Members

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