Expanding Your Vision Photography Workshop

There is an art to seeing and making good photographs – it is about being able to go beyond the first thing we see and push ourselves to look harder, keep our minds open and see things we don’t notice at first. Many times we need to eliminate the clutter, both in our minds and our photos. We need to get down to visual basics and really examine what we are seeing, then we can expand our vision.

That is what this workshop is about. We are going to take to the streets and learn to see. Some people say great photographers are born with a natural ability to make great images, but they are just able to incorporate what they have learned through the years, visualize it in their heads and capture it with a camera. They have learned to see and you can too.

We are going to simplify our shooting and only shoot with one fixed focal length lens, I suggest a 50mm. If you don’t have a 50mm, I’m sure you can borrow one from a friend or you can rent one very inexpensively. We are not going to worry about camera settings, for this workshop I want you to shoot only using aperture priority, even if you are comfortable shooting on manual exposure. We aren’t going to mess around with tripods or flash. Yes, we’ll think about how shutter speed and aperture affect our images, but that is as technical as we’ll get. We are going to concentrate entirely on what is around us, what we are seeing and what we can photograph.

There will be assignments during the day – hour-long challenges – to encourage you to look in ways you haven’t before. You’ll learn to push your visual curiosity. This workshop is limited to 12 people to assure you get plenty of personal attention.

You will come away from this workshop thinking about how you look at things around you whether you have a camera in your hand or not. It doesn’t matter what type of photography you normally like to do, landscape, street, portrait, fine art and action photographers will all learn to expand their vision

We will start in the “classroom” at 9 a.m. where we’ll talk about visual creativity and get you charged up for the day. At 10 a.m. we’ll be out shooting, we’ll take a break for lunch and talk about the morning assignments. After lunch it is more shooting and we’ll head back to the classroom at 3 p.m. where we’ll take two hours to look at photos we made, get some feedback and talk about everything we did during the day. We’ll talk about how you can incorporate what you learned into your normal shooting when you have a variety of lens, a tripod, etc.

What’s included: Inspiration, instruction, assignments and feedback.
Not included: Food, drinks, transportation to our meeting place

Saturday, March 18,  9 a.m. – 5 p.m.

Location: Loren’s office in downtown Somerville, NJ. Exact location will be sent after you register.

Number of participants: Limited to 12

$229 Regular registration
$199 early registration by March 1
$179 if you have taken a previous workshop with Loren Fisher

Refund and Cancellation policy
I must receive notice of your cancellation in writing, at which time I offer the following refunds:
60 days or more before workshop: Full workshop refund.
59 to 30 days before workshop: 50% of workshop cost.
29 or fewer days before workshop: no refund.

I will refund your full payment if the workshop is sold out and I can fill your spot. If you must forfeit your fee I will issue you a credit to be used on another workshop within the next year.

No partial refunds are made for unused portions or services of a workshop. Workshops are sold as a package only.

If a workshop is cancelled, you will receive a full refund of any money paid, but I’d have to be on my deathbed before I’d cancel.

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