Getting the Most Out of Lightroom – Boston area


before-after (2 of 2)before-after (1 of 2)There are plenty of tutorials, videos and books out there that will show you how every little detail of Lightroom works. They’ll show you how to get photos imported into Lightroom and show you how to use all the sliders, but they don’t tell you why or when you should be using Lightroom’s powerful controls to get the most out of your photos. I’ll show you not only what the modules do, but the why’s and why not’s no matter if you are making prints, posting on the Internet or sending photos off for publication. I’ll show you time-saving techniques that will help you find your images and export them quicker and looking better.

We’ll start the day at the beginning, talking about the best way to get your photos organized, where and how to store them and how to import. We’ll talk about creating catalogs and best practices for backing up and using multiple catalogs. I’ll show what all the windows and modules do and how to keep them under control. We’ll look at how to keep track of your photos once they are imported, the different ways to find and sort them, including using collections, filtering, flagging and mapping. I’ll show you how and why to add keywords, captions and other metadata.

Then most of the day will be spent on editing photos. We’ll talk about how and the best time to use controls like white balance, exposure, contrast, highlights, shadows, whites, blacks, clarity, vibrance and saturation. We’ll dig deep into how and why to use cloning, healing, cropping and masking.

I’ll cover sharpening, noise reduction, lens correction, effects and camera calibration.

And finally, we’ll talk about when, why and how you should export your photos and how to make the best prints.

I will show you how I make some of my photos have more pop and I will adjust your photos. Bring up to five photos on a flash drive and I will show you how I would tone them. You’ll be amazed!

I’m not real fond of the Book or Slideshow modules, but I’ll quickly talk about what they do. We won’t be talking much about using Lightroom for video editing or the web module, since, frankly, they suck. We’ll stick to the great things Lightroom does for still photos and I’ll give you suggestions of other programs to create web galleries or edit video.

I’ll be demonstrating with Lightroom CC but most things will be applicable to all versions whether you work on a Mac or Windows.

Saturday, April 9, 2016
10:00 a.m. until 5:00 p.m.

Concord, MA
TriCon Church
54 Walden Street, Concord, MA 01742
At the corner of Walden and Hubbard St. Use the entrance on Hubbard St.
There will be an event in the parking lot, park on the street.

$109 if you register before March 15
$99 if you have taken a previous workshop with me.

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