You never know what you’ll find in NYC

Last night was another workshop in New York City focusing on night photography. We started in Central Park, which is always full of surprises. This time it was a couple of performers singing and playing violins inside the chilly underpass at Bethesda Fountain. When we first walked up it was a bit disappointing because the fountain was turned off, which isn’t too pretty. Then we heard the music coming from the nearby walkway underpass. A woman and man were making unique sounds with their voices and fiddles, although I’m sure they don’t call their violins fiddles. They had a couple of portable lights and crazy, colorful makeup, their look matched their sounds. She was extremely high pitched and her signing style was what I’d call a wail. He liked to chant. I can’t imagine what it would be like to to live in the apartment next to them when they are practicing and experimenting.

I then took our group over to the Bow Bridge and did a little lightpainting, one of my favorite techniques of lighting objects with a flashlight during a long exposure. It was a fun evening in the park before we headed out to explore other areas of New York.

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